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Diseases and Disorders - Links pertaining to Dentistry
Alert! Patients looking for guidance among the target sources of this collection of links are strongly advised to review the information retrieved with their professional dentist.

Dental Care - Dental Implantation- Dentistry - Dentistry, Operative - Diagnosis, Oral - Endodontics - Oral Surgical Procedures - Orthodontics - Periodontics - Prosthodontics - Root Canal Therapy - Surgery, Oral - Technology, Dental -

  Oral Health Resources - CDC (US)
  The Virtual Dental Center via Martindale's Health Science Guide, UCI (US)
  American Dental Association
  A collection of CME Courses (fee-based) from ADA
  The British Dental Association - (UK)
  Faculty of Odontology - Karolinska Institute (SE)
  International and American Assoc. for Dental Research - (US)
  Global Oral Health Database - WHO
  Mouth and Teeth Topics - MEDLINEPlus - NLM/NIH (US)
  (Ear, Nose, Throat and) Dental Disorders - Merck Manual
  On the Clinical examination by the dental team - DentalMedSoft, Inc.
  Illustrated Dental Topics [Dunlap and Barker] - via Dental Hygiene Help Site
  Oral Complications of Systemic Diseases - US Nat'l Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research
  HIV-dent (dental/oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS)
  Oral Health Country Profiles - WHO Collab. C., Lund Univ. (SE), and a Dentist Directory for people in the US
  The Eastman Dental Institute - (UK)
  Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry - (UK)
  The Cochrane Oral Health Group
  Oral & Craniofacial Patologi [with images; in Norwegian]- Dental Faculty, University of Oslo (NO)
  Oral Pathology Home Page
  A Guide to Digital Radiographic Diagnosis: From Panoramic, to Periapicals, to Cone Beam CT [ET Parks] - DentalCompare
  An Atlas of Cast Gold Procedures [R Ingraham] - Univ of S. California/Dentistry
  Glossary of Dental Terms - WebMD
  British Dental Journal - (UK)
  Stomatognathic Diseases
  Der knoecherne Schaedel - Ein Bildwoerterbuch - U of Mainz (DE)
  About Mechanisms of Tooth Eruption - Univ of Illinois/Chicago (US)
  Teeth Formation in Patients with Craniofacial Anomalies [Larsen et al] - (DK)
  Breif notes on Tooth Size , Teeth, Odd Shapes Of , and Salivary Glands, Absence Of - OMIM (US)

    Dental Care   
    Oral Environment - Newcastle University (UK)
    Oral Health Resource Library - CDC (US)
    Information on Oral Health Care Issues - University of Iowa (US)
    Dental Hygiene Education [MJ Fehrenbach]
    Dental Wisdom
    Baby Teeth - Amercian Dental Assoc.
    Baby Bottle Tooth Decay - US Academy of General Dentistry

    Dental Implantation   
    About Dental Implant - Wikipedia
    Dental Implants - Univ of Iowa (US)
    Association of Dental Implantology UK
    Dental Implants - AAOMS (US)
    Questions and Answers about Dental Implants [SR Davidoff]

    Dentistry, Operative   
    About Operative Dentistry - Integrated Publishing
    clinical guidelines in Dental Surgery - Faculty of Dental Surgeons/Royal Coll Surgeons (UK)
    Operative Dentistry videos - via Google
    About some Restorative Dental Materials - Am Dental Assoc.

    Diagnosis, Oral   
    Oral Diagnosis: The Physical Exam [K Ragalis] - Tufts Univ. (US)
    Patient Information material from the American Acad Oral Medicine
    Differential Diagnosis in Maxillofacial Radiology - Univ of Athens/Dental School (GR)
    Dental Complications of Eating Disorders - American Dental Assoc.

    Some Endodontic Microscope Pictures [SK Bentkover] - Univ. of Illinois (US)
    Endodontic information at the Endodontic Speciatlists website (CA)
    Some Case studies from the Canadian Acad of Endodontics
    Collection of Clinical Newsletters , and Guidelines at the Am. Assoc. of Endodontics
    Automated Endo [J Jacklich]

    Root Canal Therapy   
    What is Root Canal Treatment/Endodontic Therapy? - Animated Teeth (US)
    The changing role of the apicectomy operation in dentistry [Chandler and Koshy; Oct 2002] - J College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (UK)
    Root Canal Therapy Fact Sheet - Acad General Dentistry (US)
    Root Canal Treatment - Am. Dental Assoc. (US)

    Oral Surgical Procedures   
    See another page

    Dental Implantation   
    See another location

    The Bolton-Brush Growth Study Center
    About Dental Braces - Medicine Net (US)
    The Angle Orthodontist [ToC & Abstracts] - (US)

    Periodontal Diseases - NIDCR (US)
    About Gum Disease - Am. Dental Assoc. (US)
    Diagnosis of Periodontal Diseases [position paper 2003] - AAP
    What are Periodontal Diseases? , from the American Academy of Periodontology
    About Oral Cancer - Adam, via MedlinePlus
    Lip and Oral Cavity Cancer - Cancer.gov (US)
    The Mouth Cancer Foundation - (UK)
    Oral Complications of Chemotherapy and Head/Neck Radiation - Cancer.gov (US)
    Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells Isolated for the First Time - NIH News, Jul 2004
    Microbiology of Dental Decay and Periodontal Disease [WJ Loesche] - Ed. S Baron, 4th edition.
    Study Shows Relationship Between Oral And Cardiovascular Health - Science Daily, Feb 2006
    On Dental Infection Control - ADA
    PERIO Reports
    About Porphyromonas gingivalis, the pathogen - PGGP, and the Porphyromonas gingivalis Genome Project - Forsyth Dental C.
    On Passive Smoking and Gum Disease [L Baker] - School of Dental Med., Buffalo N.Y. (US)

    The Prosthodontics Forum Home Page - ACP (US)
    KA Laurell's Dental Information Page
    About Dentures - MedlinePlus

    Dental Implantation   
    See another location

    Surgery, Oral   
    Topics in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Connecticut Maxillofacial Surgeons (US)
    The Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Questions Page [KE Goldman]
    The American Assoc. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
    Facial & Mandibular Fractures [M Richardson] - Univ. of Washington
    On Oral Piercing and Dental Problems - AGD (US)
    On Intra-Oral Piercing and Tooth Fracture - Canadian Dental Association
    About Orthognathic Surgery [SA Greene] - (US)
    Orthognathic Surgery - Wikipedia
    Guidelines for The use of sedation and general anesthesia by dentists - Am Dental Assoc.

    Technology, Dental   
    Restorative Dental Material - ADA (US)
    Society for Biomaterials
    A Dental Materials Fact Sheet from UCLA (US)
    IAOMT: Int'l Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
    Metalldatenbank [R Hartmann] - (DE)
    Amalgam [in German] - Univ Erlangen (DE)
    ADA's Statement on Dental Amalgam [revised 2009] - American Dental Association (US)
    Amalgam Controversy and Our Decision [personal notes by B Hoffmann], 1996
    Mouth and teeth topics - ADAM, via MedlinePlus
    On Oral Cavity & Teeth Diseases [E. Friedlander] Pathology Lectures
    Sports Dentistry Online
    Common Dental Emergencies [A and J Douglass] - AAFP, Feb 2003
    General Family Dentistry [KA Butzin]
    Pediatric Dental Health [DR Ravel]
    Dental Definitions for Non-Dentists - Virtual Hosp., U of Iowa
    About the Wisdom Tooth (mandibular third molar) - Wikipedia
    About Wisdom Tooth Removal - NHS (UK)
    Wisdom Tooth Removal - BUPA (UK)
    Third Molars [KE Goldman]
    About Toothache - Medicine Net (US)
    Beyond Fear - Dental Phobia Virtual Self-Help Group (UK)
    Dental Fear Central
    Animated-Teeth.com (cosmetic)
    Topical Index - Am. Dental Assoc. (US)
    About Carisolv - MediTeam Dental AB (SE)
    Dental Advice by [E Janson] - Seattle (US)
    Tooth Discoloration [Ship and Kerr] - eMedicine
    About Spit Tobacco and Oral Health - NIDCR/NIH (US)
    Some notes about Tooth Whitening Treatments - Am. Dental Assoc.
    On Bleaching - Acad. of General Dentistry
    About Teeth Whitening
    On Dental Caries - Wikipedia
    Treating Dental Caries as an Infectious Disease - UIC College of Dentistry, 2005 (US)
    Epidemiology of Dental Caries - Oral Science, Univ of Illinois/Chicago
    On Chlorhexidine in the management of caries in adults with dry mouth [abstract] - Nature/Evidence-Based Dentistry, 2002
    Fluoride mouthrinses for preventing dental caries in children and adolescents - Cochrane Review 2003
    Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the US - CDC, 2001
    Fluoride Issues [D Montgomery] - (US)
    The Effect of Different Tooth Cleaning Agents on the Growth of Teeth Bacteria [B Rajput] - Sci-Journal, Apr 2000
    About Mouth Rinses - Acad of General Dentistry (US)

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